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Easing the Effects of Foreclosure:
Alternatives, Loss Mitigation, and Working with the Bank

save-houseThere are a number of options for homeowners who are trying to save their homes or minimize potential losses. The banks are receptive and have a various array of programs. Some have considerable reduction in principle as well.  There are many ways to save a home if you are proactive. In most cases the interest rate is brought down considerably and there is no down payment for the arrears needed.  In most cases the interest rates are fixed and there is no additional time added.

Every Modification  candidate  is analyzed for the best options available. 


Foreclosure Defense combined with Modification

If necessary, or requested, our team of local counsel  can actively defend an impending foreclosure with our vigorous foreclosure defense practice.  This usually starts with a forensic analysis of the underlying loan documents and review of the chain of title for proper assignments and liens. We will oppose the foreclosure and, where legally feasilble,  file counterclaims and dismissal motions against the lender.


What To Expect?

patiencePlease be patient and  be sure to comply with the documentation and information requests made by our team. 

It may seem that we are asking for the same documentation over and over again but in fact , the documents “expire” even though the lender is usually at fault for the delay.

If you consider  the voluminous request for modification  lenders are faced with, they often don’t get to consider the package right away. As a result, we will usually have to replenish from time to so that they are reviewing current documents. 

Once the documents are under final review, the desired outcome is approval of a Trial Modification.



We recommend a lien search so that any judicial or tax  liens against the property are resolved prior to the modification so that the lender doesn’t have an excuse to reject the modification.

If you make successful timely payments during the trial modification you should obtain a permanent modification.

Good Luck and Lets Get Started!


MODIFICATION TEAM – Daniel Volis Manager

Meet Daniel: 

Daniel Volis is our Modification Manager.  His expertise is in keeping abreast of the latest developments and programs available; even the ones that are only briefly available. Over the years, Daniel has cultivated contacts at many of the nations leading lenders and servicers which, combined with his positive “ Get it Done,” attitude,  is been the cornerstone of our success in home retention through modification.  Daniel is hands on with every file and also actively supervises our processors.

Daniel has both a BA from CUNY and MA from NYU and speaks fluent Russian. 

He has personally obtained a multitude of approvals for mortgage modifications.

Meet William Bonomo:

New Jersey Mortgage Modification and NJ Bankruptcy


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